Eyes Full of Dollar Signs

Supertree Grove, Singapore
Supertree Grove, Singapore

How did it happen?

I think it started with looking up 10 Parkour Tricks for Beginners. Suddenly I was on a success and money safari through the interwebs.

I bumped into fascinating people like Simon Sinek and Seth Godin and even sat through some Tony Robbins all talking about success. Sir Ken Robinson was there. Even Dr. Phil.

All of them had key things to say to the entrepreneurially minded. How to tackle adversity. What real leadership looks like. What kinds of life habits have impact.

All good stuff. But one has to be careful that one doesn’t get sucked down the rabbit hole.

As one deeply concerned about finances since my lay-off back in October, the topic of money grabs me.

And yet I hear the advice given by certain people to the high earners out there and it isn’t “build a bigger table” to share what you have. It’s upgrade the quality of your life.

Buy the business class airline ticket. Get the better trainer, home chef, cfo (financial officer). Throw the extravagant house party with all your friends. Spend it on yourself.


The biggest idea the new rich can think of as to where to spend their money is “on me.”

Doesn’t matter that x-number of people are homeless in the town where I live. I deserve a well-stocked four car garage.

Doesn’t matter that the women’s shelter can’t afford any more beds. I need more lattes.

Doesn’t matter that cancer is still unsolved. I need another x-number of square feet on my house, and the pool.

I heard that most people in the world live for under $500 a YEAR.

What if we built planes to have an equity class. Take the extras from Business class and spread it evenly over all the seats. What would that kind of world look like?

What if there were only Moderately Crazy Rich Asians, but everyone got to be one?

Maybe JK Rowling is on to something.

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