Target Rich Environment

Take ten squirrels, put them in a small cage and shake it. (Don’t really do that. It’s cruel). That will give you the frantic state of my brain some days.

As always, focus for me is a challenge.

Do I take those master classes? Work on learning Chinese? Or the guitar? What about my flute skills? Should I write more on the novel(s)? Or focus on developing short content? Poems? Short stories? Film??

And on the home front, is it purging things to the garage? Or painting? Plumbing anyone?

Spring soon. What about the yard? Veggie garden? Or just maintenance? Fencing?

Weeding? The Faerie Garden! What about that?

How to calm the critters?

My strategies thus far have been:

1) Know yourself

2) Choose/discover your life mission

3) Prioritize the “squirrels”

4) Break down each “squirrel” -i.e. project- into bite sized pieces (Don’t use actual squirrels. That’s cruel).

5) Schedule the pieces and take a two week run at the new schedule

6) Tweak and adjust from what you learn in live practice

7) Repeat as needed until task is done, item is learned or habit is set

(28 days to learn a new habit)

Rewards for successes are probably a good idea too.

And tea. Tea is good.

What are your strategies?

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