And So It Begins… again

For the THIRD time, I venture into the blogging world.  The first time, I lost my site due to faulty memory (mine!  I forgot my login credentials!). Second time, Blogger ate my blog-work.  Still not sure what happened there…but it is gone.  So herein I start over to chronicle my writing adventures and file my random thoughts and opinions.

On the up side, between last attempt and this one, I finished the first draft of my fantasy adventure novel while on legit medical leave. (It’s a horrible way to write a book.  I DON’T recommend it).  Somewhere around 400 pages and 26 years later, I am almost ready for the rewrite.  Almost.

Realized at the end of the project (phase one) that I needed to do the back history for it and so I am 201 pages into the (re)writing of my Franken-novel.  Current challenge: how to keep it meaningful without it becoming a soap opera or romance novel (Bleh!)  Now I will back up this post and hope for the best!

Fun side note:  starting this only 4 days after my main villain’s birthday.  Wish me luck!

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