I am continuing my pursuit of a daily blog entry.

Yesterday’s course work (How to Find your Dream Job & Power of Habits on CreativeLive) put the idea in my head that a blog should be there to help people with something they need help with.

Off the top of my head I couldn’t think of a single thing that I know that would help anybody. I sat with the idea for a bit.

The only notion I came up with was the lessons I am learning on this writing journey.

The biggest one to date is the importance of a daily writing practice and the idea that you need to do in NOW. Not after the house, the kids, the job, the volunteer mission. If you are called to the writing life, you must live it and live it today.

There are other folks to specialize in all those other tasks. Not to say that we don’t have responsibilities. These other factors that enrich our lives need to be put them in the right priority. I’m just saying you need to set the big rocks in the jar first, and let the sands of life fill in around it.

Kids fed, house functional, friends & family loved, then you are good. You are allowed to carve out that daily hour or three or whatever you can make work. Commit yourself to it. Don’t rationalize your way out of doing your works of magic, your vital task.

If I have one enduring regret, it is that I didn’t take my career as a writer seriously sooner.

Daily practice. Do it now!

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