So apparently getting “let go” had more ramifications than expected. Witness the total lack of blog posts since about November! (And stock photo for this post!).

In all fairness, Christmas happened in that time frame (and oh what a joy THAT was!). Also the health issue took a turn for the worst, but has stabilized yet again. (Feel like a yoyo!)

On the up side, the second novel is now clocking in at 632 pages (first draft) and I got to experience my first ever full on writer’s block. It was fascinating. But thanks to the coaching of several more experienced novelists, I recognized the symptoms of fear and took the time to break down my experience to get to the root of it.

Turns out I have a weighty fear of breaking this complex monstrosity as well as a dread of being “done” with theses characters. (I have carted these folks around for better part of 20 years. What happens to them when the book is done?!)

After sorting that out and facing off against my desk for three days running with little to show for it, I finally had to resort to allowing myself to be a beginner and be okay with the result. As they say, one can fix it in the rewrite.

So a mammoth 80 page section was the hard won end result, and now I get to face off against another jag of “how do I put all these pieces together and make sense?!”

Wish me luck!

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